Pet portraits

All photoshoots are outside, in Montreal. In my opinion, animals are more at ease outside where they can also have fun throughout the photoshoot. I love the natural aspect in pet photography. Also, shooting outdoors allows for more creativity, interesting backgrounds, and creating unique, non-redundant photos.


Each package includes the following services : 

  • Pre-photoshoot discussion (type and behavior of the animal, choice of location, expectations, etc)
  • Professional retouching
  • Delivery of digital images by secure gallery
  • Choice of 10 to 30 photos
  • Optionnal printed products

Package 1


30 minute photoshoot

5 free digital photos

Up to 1 animal

Package 2


1 hour photoshoot

10 free digital photos

Up to 2 animals

Package 3


1h30 photoshoot

15 free digital photos

Up to 3 animals

50$ credit on printed products

Digital photos

High-quality images are compressed (resized) by social media, which drastically reduces the quality. This is why I will send digital JPEG photographs resized in the optimal format for use on the web (2500 pixels long side, 72 dpi). You will receive photos without a logo. Between 10 and 30 photos will be available to choose from in your secure gallery. Depending on the package chosen, you have 5, 10 or 15 free photos. If you want to get more images than included in your package, you can buy some for $20 per additional photo.

Printed products

You will have the option of ordering prints, canvases, photo books, and other personalizedprinted products of your favorite photos.

Custom framing by master framers is available on most prints. Contact me to know the price. 

General stores printing photographs are not of professional quality, therefore their prints can look bad and be disappointing. This is why I strongly recommend that you go through LP Photo to order prints. In order to enhance your images, they are printed in a photo lab on high quality paper, by printing professionals. Each order is evaluated and approved by LP Photo before they are delivered.

Please read the terms and conditions in order to get all legal information before booking a session.